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12/17/2012  Comment:

"George - “Excellent, thanks so much. You guys do fast shipping and the price point is added value. I will keep your link for other Telcom and Data needs.” Bernard."

Trinidad Baptist Church - Washington D.C.

10/16/2012  Comment:

""I am extremely thankful that I made contact with Will Berube of TWAComm. Will stuck with me the entire process and follow ups. He found and shipped an adapter to me at Wyalusing State Park. He told me that it was unsure by all who he checked with, if the adapter sent would fit the phone. I have received the adapter and installed it. It works! Will gave me the impression on my first contact that he wasn't going to let me down and he didn't. I must admit that initially I was slightly more than upset when I was unable to find an adapter after my first calls to Hello-Direct and Aastra. I again want to say that I do also appreciate your follow up." Added note to product that it works with the Aastra 9120, ya i know it was only a $31.00 order."

Greg P. - DNR Wyalusing State Park, WI

9/25/2012  Comment:

"Thank you for your quick response to my inquiry. I've had this phone system for several years so I'm not surprised that the handsets are no longer available. I appreciate your information and will keep you in mind as soon as I decide to replace my phones. Again, thank you, and have a nice day."

Diane K. - Somewhere USA

9/12/2012  Comment:

"Dear Eric, That's great news. Thank you for your hard work and quick response. The item I purchased works great and if I need a replacement I will order it from your company. Thanks again!"

Alexander S. - Vallejo, CA

9/4/2012  Comment:

"Eric: Got it and everything is correct. By the way it was the "Vietnam Veteran" that caught my attention when I discovered your site. Please tell the owner that I appreciate his service. I take pictures for our local VVA chapter. Have a great day and stay in church. It's nice to talk with others who are not ashamed. Graylen"

Gaylen S. - Gainesville, GA

8/17/2012  Comment:

"Dear Mr. Paige: I have received my credit as promised. Thank you. You have treated me very fairly, and I look forward to shopping with you again soon. Sincerely, Rick H."

Richard H. - Saint Johns, MI

8/9/2012  Comment:

"Steve, Good morning. Yesterday afternoon I ordered 2 CAT5-LAN-RJ45’s from you. I called back shortly after to add 2 more to the order. This morning I received all 4. Can I please get an updated receipt for my records? Also, I am very pleased with the service I have received from you. You were very helpful and got the material here VERY quickly. Thanks for all of your help. Regards, Kelly S."

Kelly S. - New Orleans, LA

8/3/2012  Comment:

"Grace Agcaoili - Thanks for the lightning quick response Grace...you are awesome! Your company has great customer service! Have a great weekend! Vince H. Classroom Technology Consultant Cal State University Fullerton Information Technology"

Vince H. - Cal State University Fullerton

7/23/2012  Comment:

"Dusty and Company: We just received the unit. Had it up and running within an hour. Plug and play just like you said. Hoorayl! Thanks! (Comments on the installation by customer on a Panasonic KX-TA824-KIT2 with 5 phones)"

Speciality Glass - Bob C. - Rosharon, TX

5/30/2012  Comment:

"How are you? hope all is well. Before we go into business allow me to command your outstanding service two weeks ago. Even so the communication line was of bad nature, the order complex and many non standard requests you went out of your way to make it happen. due to that it was important for me to complete the order with TWA. If you can forward me an email so I can express that to your suprevisors I'll be more than happy to do so. Now for business. I have completed the order over ebay. I purchased the panasonic 824, 0x8 extention card and door card. I didn't have the option for expedite shipping. please see if you can dispatch it so it arrives before or on Saturday and I'll pay the extra cost. Finally, please make sure the system supports 220V and not only 110V. If you have any questions or clarifications, please contact me via email or 011+234806688xxxx. Kind regards, Oded"

Oded C. - Austin, TX

4/27/2012  Comment:

"I have ordered this phone before from your company and have been very happy with your service. Thank you."

Williamsburg Vet Clinic - Orlando, FL

4/16/2012  Comment:

"Dear Mr. Paige: I can't thank you enough for taking the time and sending me the hearing device that we had spoke about. I tried it out and it is great. Ordinarily I can't understand a lot of what is being said on TV, particularly when it is a movie or a play. With the "Pocketalker" I catch almost every word. Can't wait to take it to the movies where a lot of talk comes through as mumbling. Again, thanks Judge Joel"

Judge Joel - Los Angeles, CA

4/10/2012  Comment:

"Grace: I have received the ear phones and they seem to be just fine. Also have printed out the invoice. Thank you for your help and every body else that helped me to return my wrong order and get it returned. It was great to do business with your company. Sincerely Kay F."

Kay F. - Green Valley, AZ

2/21/2012  Comment:

"Thanks Dusty, I received that email. I wanted to thank you again for putting up with my constant flow of emails and calls in the last couple weeks. You've been extremely helpful. We will be ordering again soon, but this time we'll give ourselves enough lead time to avoid any stress. Sincerely, Aaron"

Waukesha County Circuit Courts - Waukesha, WI

2/20/2012  Comment:

"Dusty, Just wanted to thank you for your prompt reply! It is a pleasure doing business with companies that makes my job easy."

Eagle Ridge RV Center - Lake Wales, FL

2/14/2012  Comment:



2/14/2012  Comment:

"Dusty, Wow, great customer service. Thank you so much! Sincerely, Deborah (Next Day Air Order for Bear River Band of Rohnerville Rancheria)"

Deborah K. - Loieta, CA

12/30/2011  Comment:

"TWA had exactly what I was looking for, an older model phone for our existing system. Shipping was a little slow, but it was over the xmas holiday."

Jackson Electric - San Diego, CA

12/23/2011  Comment:

"Steve, We ordered and received the equipment to make our phone hands free! Thank you so much for your help in guiding us to the correct equipment. Next question: Can you suggest any “Wireless” equipment to use with our phone…the headset is great..but it does limit my area….can only go as far as my cord will let me! Any info would be greatly appreciated. Debbie M."

Debra M. - Annapolis, MD

12/21/2011  Comment:

"Hi Anthony and Angela Thank you Anthony for your swift reply to my mail, I appreciate this and I have placed an order (#67xx5x) which is now in process. And thank you Angela Posos, for answering as quickly as you did when I asked for some clarification on the payment method and even sending the return email to another email address than the one I used in that moment. Payment is on way. The way you work is excellent and I am very impressed. This is since I have many times experienced the total lack of response from companies seemingly present on the web but obviously not there when you try to reach them. The detail I was looking for is a box from Wiremold and we need this one since we, being based in Sweden, are selling a particular product designed for the US market hence with other fixing details that the common European ones. We can buy only one model of these boxes from a UK supplier but it is slightly too deep and the one I now found with you fits better. I understand that you sell a huge number of products and components and I will try to take time and get a better view of this. We are not likely to become a big customer of yours but I know that we will buy a few things every now and then and it feels good to know that you seemto have the kind of corporate culture one highly appreciates. (At least the two of you tells me so) Kind regards Beo"

Beo B. - Orebro, Sweden

541 Items / Page: 2 of 28
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